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Introducing Myself

Hi, I'm Lauren & I'll be your Tutor. Find out more about me here

IT's Easy offers courses to help take the fear out of  using a computer. The easy to understand courses  feature a comprehensive handout booklet with every  course,  designed specifically to cater those with little  or no experience of IT.
What can IT do for you?

From Basic Understanding, to using the Internet - browse the courses to find the right one for you

Whether you want to fill gaps in your knowledge,  brush  up skills gone a little rusty, or even start  from scratch,  the courses can be tailored easily to  individual needs. I  believe that everyone has the  capacity to use a PC, no  matter what age or  experience, and I can help you  make IT work for  you!

Home Tuition Available

Want to learn in the comfort of your own home?

No Problem!

  Choose your learning environment!

We will travel to your chosen location in order to give you control of where & when you learn.


Is your company losing time & money because you or your staff aren't making the most of IT? Our Corporate Training can help

Does your business need a website? Harness the power of the Internet with our tailor made Websites

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